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list time!:

- i've been watching WAY too much arrested development. i know this because i search for any excuse to quote it, and i can't even tell you how many times i've ended a sentence with "COME ON." in the last week.

- jessie and i went to eat at applebee's and i got an awesome margarita and melted cheese BLT (with no tomato :| ), then we went to the library. because that's what all the cool kids do.

- they finally had the book of vonnegut short stories that i've been waiting for, though, so i'm checking the win column for that trip.

- dante is chewing on my toes. i love him.

- now i'm going to attempt to write more of the epic jon/spencer AU that has been consuming my VERY SOUL for the past few days. so far the only casualties have been my sanity and lessthangreat's inbox, though.

- i feel strongly like i haven't written enough for there to be this many tags, wtf.


honda civic tour media post

it's my media post of doom! public post because the pretty should be shared.

what's that, pistachio?Collapse )
here are two out of the three 'five things' lists that i wrote for lessthangreat, and pretty much only for her 'cause they're bandom related. but if you think that might tickle your fancy, then by all means, i encourage you giving it a shot. (dear rapsun, i'm starting work on your lists next.)

five times that spencer embarrassed himself in front of jon and wanted to kill himself [or kill ryan and/or brendon]Collapse )

five times that pete proposed to patrick in all seriousness but was laughed off.Collapse )